How Do You Earn Survivors Benefits?

How Do You Earn Survivors Benefits?

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SSDA USA is here with how to earn survivors benefits.

There are several Social Security Administration programs that provide financial aid to working Americans. Workers qualify for these programs through the payment of Social Security taxes on their income. To qualify for Social Security benefits, an individual needs a certain amount of work credits. Social Security survivors benefits are based on this credit system as well.

How do Social Security Credits Work?

A lot of people don’t know how Social Security credits work. Many don’t even realize that there is even a credit-based system in place. According to the Social Security Administration, the credits are the building blocks that help determine benefit eligibility. If you haven’t earned enough credits, Social Security doesn’t have to give you benefits.

The way that you earn credits is relatively simple. The Social Security Administration looks at the amount of money an individual has earned and paid Social Security taxes on. For 2019, you earn one credit for every $1,360 you earn and pay Social Security taxes on. You can earn up to four credits per year. Every year, the amount of money needed per credit adjusts for inflation. This means that if you earn $2,720 in 2019, you’ll get two credits. But if you make $30,000, you’ll only get four credits.

The amount of credits you need to earn disability benefits and retirement benefits is clear. You need at least 40 credits to earn retirement benefits, while the credit number of disability benefits depends a lot on the age of the individual applying for disability. However, the credit system isn’t as straightforward when it comes to survivors benefits.

Social Security Survivors Benefits Credits

Although the number of credits you need for your family to receive survivors benefits does vary, the one clear rule is that nobody needs to have more than 40 credits to qualify for any type of Social Security benefits. This means if you have at least 40 credits, your family can collect survivors benefits if you pass on.

Generally speaking, the younger a person is when they die, the fewer credits they’ll need for their family to be able to collect survivors benefits. However, the Social Security Administration is a little more flexible when it comes to survivors benefits. This is due to the fact that spouses, ex-spouses, dependent parents, and dependent children may need financial assistance once the individual in question passes away.

Because of this, the Social Security Administration does often pay out survivors benefits to the children and spouses of the deceased even if they don’t have enough credits. A person’s family will still be able to get benefits if an individual earns six credits within three years before their death.

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