Name Changes, Earnings, and Social Security Benefits

Name Changes, Earnings, and Social Security Benefits

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Name changes and how much you earn may affect your social security benefits.

If you qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are currently collecting Social Security benefits, then you may think that there’s nothing left for you to do. You don’t generally need to do additional work after you qualify. However, you do have to report to the SSA if certain changes occur.

Changes to Report When Collecting Social Security Benefits

If you are collecting Social Security benefits, then it’s your legal responsibility to report any changes that occur that could affect them. You must report changes no later than ten days after the month in which these changes occurred.

The following are a few changes that you must report to the SSA because they may affect your Social Security benefits:

You get a job

If you are receiving disability payments, then you must report any job that you get. You’ll be given a trial work period of nine months. This will allow you to keep your benefits for nine months while you work. If you can continue work after that, you may lose your benefit eligibility. However, the Social Security Administration may pay for some of your work-related expenses incurred because of your disability.

You begin collecting other disability benefits

If you have SSDI and you begin receiving other disability benefits, then your SSDI benefits may be reduced. Your benefits will be adjusted to ensure that you don’t receive more than 80 percent of your average current earnings were before you experienced your disability.

You begin receiving a pension from a previous job

You will need to report any pension that you begin receiving from a job that did not pay Social Security taxes. Your SSDI benefits could lessen as a result.

Your name changes

If you change your name because you have divorced your spouse or you have gotten married, you need to report this to the Social Security Administration to ensure that you get your benefits under your new name, whether it’s for SSDI or SSI benefits. You must provide official documents or official copies proving your legal name change (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree), documents proving your identity and U.S. citizenship (if not already on record), and a new application for a Social Security card.

Your income or assets change

If you’re receiving SSI, then you must report changes to your income or the assets you have to your name.

The people you live with change

If receiving SSI benefits, you must report changes with the people in your home. Report if the number of people living in your home changes. Also, report if you begin living in someone else’s home.

How Can SSDA USA Help?

Legally, you must report any changes that can affect your Social Security benefits. For more advice concerning your benefits or to schedule a free consultation, call 602-952-3200 today to speak to one of our attorneys. Also, you can reach us via our contact form or by using our LiveChat feature.

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