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Celebrate Earth Day – Use Social Security’s Online Services

Celebrate Earth Day – Use Social Security’s Online Services

Celebrate Earth Day 2018 - Use Online Services
Use Social Security’s Online Services to Reduce Carbon Footprint

April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day! This day brings attention to the environment and how important it is to protect it. At Social Security Disability Advocates USA, our team strives to help lessen our earthly footprint. We do this by offering online customer service forms and chat options. The Social Security Administrations has also taken strides to does this too. They have done this through the creation of their Social Security online services.

The Online Services Available at the Social Security Website

The Social Security website provides full-fledged online services that include the following:

  • Access to Social Security Statements – By creating a my Social Security account, you’ll have access to your Social Security Statement at any time. This allows you to check your earnings record, future retirement estimates, disability estimates and survivor benefit estimates.
  • Access to benefit payment information – If you currently receive benefits, then you’ll be able to use your account to view, save and print your benefit verification letter. This is in addition to checking your benefit payment information.
  • Change personal information – Using your my Social Security account, you’ll be able to make any changes to your personal information. This includes your address or your direct deposit information.
  • Receive benefit information – The Social Security website has a Benefits Planner page. It also has a Disability Planner page. Likewise, it has a Survivors Planner page that provides a wealth of information.
  • Apply for benefits – You can apply for disability benefits or Medicare benefits through their website. The process is simple and easy to use. Which means you don’t have to gather numerous documents to send out.
  • Retire – Go to the Social Security website and complete a retirement application. It only takes 15 minutes. Once you’re done, submit it. Retiring has never been so easy.

The Earth Friendly Benefits of Using Social Security Online Services

The Social Security’s online services allows users to do almost everything online. That is instead of using the phone, mail or going to a local Social Security Administration office. The following are just a few ways in which using their online services will help to benefit the environment.

  • Reduce paper waste – By being able to access all the documents you need and by being able to submit applications online, you negate the need to print out documents. It is also convenient to send docs or to request docs. This greatly reduces the amount of wasted paper (in addition to the amount of needed envelopes)
  • Conserve energy – All of your information updates itself regularly online. The Social Security Administration saves a ton of energy  by not having to print out and send documents.
  • Reduce fuel use – Not only will you personally save fuel since you don’t have to drive to your local Social Security Administration office to fill out paperwork, ask questions or request paperwork, but you’ll help reduce fuel use indirectly as well. This is because less mail will have to be delivered throughout the country. Less fuel use also means that you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution as a result.

Although you can still request information or apply for benefits via mail, on the phone or at your local Social Security Administration office, it’s much easier to do so through the Social Security online services — and it’s earth friendly to boot.

For legal tips on applying for Social Security benefits, request a free consultation by contacting us online via our LiveChat feature. Or, you can call 602-952-3200 anytime, as well.

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